What Are The Benefits Of A Sustainable Crop?

Sustainable agriculture improves the economy of crops and promotes the logical and efficient use of non-renewable resources.

Another benefit is that thanks to the use of natural resources it allows us to create a recycling center. This process can help us to take care of the Planet, the Earth, conserve natural resources and save money.

I am going to explain some tips to follow to achieve good sustainable agriculture:

Eliminate weeds:

As stubble burning has always been used, it is a very valid option to eliminate weeds being very careful with fire, you have to know how to do it and have it constantly controlled. Also pass an agricultural machine that removes the soil being very careful without moving it too much because it removes all the nutrients.

Another option would be controlled grazing, the animals that graze benefit us for the erosion of the Earth, they give us manure that will contribute to the fertility of the Earth.

Maintain soil health:

There is a practice that is the rotation of different crops that has been practiced for centuries, by changing the crop, the land remains healthy, it helps prevent the transmission of diseases.

Also the sowing of different varieties of the same crop, benefits and guarantees the genetic diversity of the plants, thus the crops are stronger and healthier.

Crops get most of their nutrients from the soil so it is very important to keep it perfect to work in. That is why resources have always been used to keep it fertile: plowing or aerating the soil.

Some farmers add crop residues, organic matter, and fertilizer compounds before tilling.

Pest Control:

Agriculture has pests and you have to know how to deal with the problem as least damaging as possible for the plant, the earth and the environment.

You have to know how to obtain an effective pest system. Some of them are not necessary to eliminate them, there are some beneficial for the cultivation.

Many of the solutions is the use of beneficial insects: wasps, ladybugs …

To end these pests, some animals are also attracted for this elimination: Birds, bats … etc


Water management is very important, you have to know how to choose the crop that is most suitable to grow.

Having an irrigation system controls the use of water and benefits economically. There are also other products to retain water: Mulch and cover crops.

In summary, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the land with which it is going to work, the environment it has and the climate of the area to carry out agricultural cultivation.

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