Tips For Doing Farming Tasks In Winter

Are you one of those who thinks that you can no longer enjoy your garden with the arrival of winter? Let me tell you that you are wrong , even growing in winter has its advantages! As much as the cold numbs us, the plants not so much (as long as it is not excessive). The key is knowing how to choose what to grow and how to prepare your garden.

The first thing to do is to check the temperature your garden is going to face, since depending on how cold it is, we will recommend using one crop or another, since some of them can withstand temperatures of up to -4ºC. The most important thing is to prepare the garden as soon as possible, taking into account if your growing area is very cold or if it suffers from frost , since if you wait until the ground is cold, it will be more difficult to face the inclement weather.

Next we are going to explain the different methodologies to follow depending on the area in which you are and the temperature.

Zone without excessive frosts and temperatures down to -1ºC

In these areas you not only have at your disposal a wide variety of crops to choose from, but you can also make them with seeds . Because the temperatures are not that low, the seed will have time to germinate and grow before the extreme temperatures begin.

Among the cultivation options, you can choose between leeks, onions, lettuce, parsley, carrots, spinach, peas … in short, a wide and delicious variety!

There is also the possibility of avoiding the sowing phase , in the event that the growing season has passed and you want to start as soon as possible or when you have a large volume of sowing and want to save time by skipping the sowing phase.

Zone with some frost and temperatures down to -6ºC

For these cases we would do as explained above in the case of not arriving in good weather and it would be possible to start with the plant directly , avoiding seeds at all costs, since in the cold they will not germinate correctly.

Among the most interesting cultivation options that endure until frost, we find leeks, radishes, beans, peas, Brussels sprouts, spinach, carrots, chard, watercress … as you can see, low temperatures do not mean that you cannot grow anything! !

Area with harsh winters

We understand harsh winters as those in which temperatures drop to -10ºC . The good news is that you can continue to enjoy your garden, although you must have a greenhouse that is responsible for raising the temperature of the environment.

Advantages of growing in winter

Finally, we would like to list those benefits that you and your crop will obtain if you choose to practice agriculture in winter.

First of all, your crops will suffer from fewer pests , so you can be calmer. Being a rainy season, you can also be less aware of irrigation , since nature itself will take care of watering your crops. On the other hand, there are crops that are better to grow at this time of year, such as chard, recula, spinach … in short, many salad leaves, which obtain a less bitter taste by not suffering from the scorching summer sun, so a better flavor is achieved.

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